Chit Chat: Reasons You’re Always Broke!

Alright I know this can be a sensitive issue but I felt like I needed to talk about it. Not that I'm financially stable or somethingšŸ˜‚ However, I'm going to share reasons you're always broke but never knew why.  You don't have a budget! With the whole "Yolo" mentality widely spread, people have adopted a … Continue reading Chit Chat: Reasons You’re Always Broke!


Shower Gels Worth The Hype?

"People who use liquid bath soaps think they've made it in life" So the above quote are words of a mutual friend on facebook, who seems irritated every time we talk about shower gels, loofahs, and bath cremes. Then I asked her, "Have you used them before?", "Do you know why people hype them?", "Do … Continue reading Shower Gels Worth The Hype?

Coconut Oil For Skin Review

So about a month back I started using Lemex Natural Coconut Oil (Skin & Hair moisturizer) and finally I'm reviewing it. This is of course a local product and readily available, bought mine in a pharmacy. To check product detailsĀ  CLICK HERE First of all I'd love to mention that I do not regret trying … Continue reading Coconut Oil For Skin Review

Let’s Talk Shopping, In General Part 2

In Part 1 we talked about the basics of shopping wisely which are knowing your ļ¬nancial status, planning, and doing proper research. Today we will go into the process of shopping itself. When shopping there things to consider which are trends, quality and quantity. You can not basically buy things without at least having any … Continue reading Let’s Talk Shopping, In General Part 2

Let’s Talk Shopping, In General Part 1

This is a bit of a sensitive issue for others so little disclaimer, THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS AND OBSERVATIONS WHICH I THINK MIGHT APPLY AND HELP SOMEONE. Okay, so I have been going through a lot of stores both online and in town (Harare) looking for items to pimp my closet with this winter. As … Continue reading Let’s Talk Shopping, In General Part 1