Story Time: I’m No Longer Natural! 

Hey everyone so I did the deed, I relaxed my hair. It wasn't planned but I figured I had to do it. After leaving all my supplies at my mom's house and finding myself unable to go get them or get new ones, I opted for a relaxer. I realized it was going to be … Continue reading Story Time: I’m No Longer Natural! 


Crochet Braids: Bonita Daisy Coil

So it's been 2weeks since I got crochet braids using the Bonita Daisy Coil braiding hair and I thought I could share with you guys. A pack costs $5.50 in local hair supply stores and $8.00 in Edgars stores. I bought mine in Edgars because I didn't have cash and the other stores didn't accept … Continue reading Crochet Braids: Bonita Daisy Coil

Simple But Cute Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair

I've been natural for the past 10 months and I have definately tried out a whole bunch of hairstyles. Today I just want to show you my go to styles on a lazy or busy day and don't have time to make up my hair fancy. I have thin and slightly sparce hair therefore not … Continue reading Simple But Cute Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair

The worst braids I’ve ever bought!!!

I'm really into supporting African and local beauty brands but when I come across crappy ones, I can't help but mention. With Zimbabwe (my home country) putting an import barn on hair extensions and braids, I said to myself, "Why not try these local brands that are being claimed to make good enough products". On … Continue reading The worst braids I’ve ever bought!!!

Is going natural worth it??

A lot of people including myself have come to appreciate and love their natural selves. By natural I'm referring to not using chemicals to straighten one's hair or having artificial hair. Some of the reasons people all over the globe are going natural are: 1. They want to know what their natural hair looks like … Continue reading Is going natural worth it??