Amada Hair and Skin Care

Hey loves. Happy 2018, hope I find you all doing well. You might have noticed that in my reviews I never really talk about the brands and just focus on the product. Today I'm basically doing something different. I introduce to you Amada Hair and Skin Care. Yesterday I had the honor to meet Ruvimbo … Continue reading Amada Hair and Skin Care


Story Time: I’m No Longer Natural! 

Hey everyone so I did the deed, I relaxed my hair. It wasn't planned but I figured I had to do it. After leaving all my supplies at my mom's house and finding myself unable to go get them or get new ones, I opted for a relaxer. I realized it was going to be … Continue reading Story Time: I’m No Longer Natural! 

Crochet Braids: Bonita Daisy Coil

So it's been 2weeks since I got crochet braids using the Bonita Daisy Coil braiding hair and I thought I could share with you guys. A pack costs $5.50 in local hair supply stores and $8.00 in Edgars stores. I bought mine in Edgars because I didn't have cash and the other stores didn't accept … Continue reading Crochet Braids: Bonita Daisy Coil

Simple But Cute Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair

I've been natural for the past 10 months and I have definately tried out a whole bunch of hairstyles. Today I just want to show you my go to styles on a lazy or busy day and don't have time to make up my hair fancy. I have thin and slightly sparce hair therefore not … Continue reading Simple But Cute Hairstyles For Short Natural Hair

The worst braids I’ve ever bought!!!

I'm really into supporting African and local beauty brands but when I come across crappy ones, I can't help but mention. With Zimbabwe (my home country) putting an import barn on hair extensions and braids, I said to myself, "Why not try these local brands that are being claimed to make good enough products". On … Continue reading The worst braids I’ve ever bought!!!