Mini Review: 3 Products I Regret Buying

Alright I had to put this out there and it’s about time. If you noticed, my blog mainly is about product reviews and even the name says it out loud. Some of the products I purchase and try are those suggested by friends or by sellers in local beauty supply stores. Most are items that I just buy, use and feel like a review needs to be on my blog. Today I’m going to list 3 products that I regret buying and the reasons why.

1. Down To Earth Care Clear Skin Gel

So I walked into a pharmacy in town with hopes to buy one of the contour palettes they stocked, only to end up leaving with this gel instead. The lady who attended to me in the makeup section suggested I used this gel to clear the spots on my face. Mind you I wasn’t bothered by the state of my skin then. I barely had spots compared to what I had experienced before and my skin was very smooth and supple. She spoke highly of the brand, said she was their rep and she used the same gel. She took my number and name, said they’d check up on me seeing how my skin was doing. It never happened though, I was the one who reached out with a complaint. The gel felt good on the skin, moisturizing and kind of helped controlling the oiliness. However in just 4days my skin broke out like hell, was super itchy and later on I was left with horrible scarring. All the lady could say was your skin is sensitive. But I’d told her all this in the beginning and she said it was meant for even the most sensitive skin. I wasted $10 and I wouldn’t try any funny products be it they are being sold in a pharmacy! I was scammed 😣

2. L.A Pride Eyeshadow Palette 03

Ok this one is another $10 I regret spending. I got this eyeshadow palette cause I needed some colour in my life😂 Looking at it, it’s gorgeous, I mean, I had to have it. Down side was, the shadows just can’t be picked up by any of my brushes! Or fingers unless you scrap them first! The palette came with an applicator and brush, yes, but it needs a muscle to get those shadows on your eyelids. Colour payoff is heart breaking and that dark cream! That cream won’t do anything for anybody best believe me. You can’t pick it up with a brush, sponge or bare hands. You need something to scrap it out with then, oh well, apply. And the coverage is a pure joke. However the powder is quite good. Has a great coverage you can rock it as a foundation if you want medium coverage. Also oil control wise it’s alright.

3. Mbali Cosmetics 10 Piece Brush Set

Y’all know about these brushes and I have a review on them you can read about it HERE. Spent $20 only for them to fall apart within 2weeks and getting mistreated by one of their staff after I was offered a replacement on Instagram. The worst part was these brushes cost between  $2 and $4 online with free shipping. The very same brushes! I wasted my money surely 😒

Got any products you regret buying? Or any items you would like me to try? Do let me know in the comments or DM me on Instagram make sure to hit that follow button. 

 xx Maxine


6 thoughts on “Mini Review: 3 Products I Regret Buying

  1. That LA palette looks nice! Shame it isn’t any good! Great post! Love reading honest reviews!

    Would love to you to check out my latest post xx

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