Story Time: I’m No Longer Natural! 

Hey everyone so I did the deed, I relaxed my hair. It wasn’t planned but I figured I had to do it. After leaving all my supplies at my mom’s house and finding myself unable to go get them or get new ones, I opted for a relaxer. I realized it was going to be easier for me to deal with. I had spent weeks looking for a stylist who could give me a silk press and pixie cut but to no avail. My hair wasn’t responding well to the products I had readily available and guess what, I opted for a cheap and easy method. The relaxer method 😂.

I mean, the salon that said they could pull the hairstyle I wanted off said I was to pay at least $60. Is it a crime to be natural now? If I had my supplies with me, it was a 30 to 45minutes procedure costing less than $10. I wasn’t going to pay $60+ for a hairstyle that’ll be gone if I was to get water on my head. I’m not about that life. With $60 I could buy 100% human hair bundles with a closure and get them installed! In short, I was furious! 

I had sleepless nights thinking of a way to save my ‘fro, I even considered a big chop. Waking up yesterday I just told myself to get a relaxer. It only costed me $3.80 anyway. Earlier today I relaxed my hair and was super careful. I made sure to air dry it. Luckily, my scalp wasn’t damaged, I didn’t lose much hair. My hair feels really soft and looks healthy.

However the down side is, I lost the much needed volume!! My hair has always been super fine and thin so after the relaxer, it really wasn’t as full as it was naturally. Remember I said I air dried my hair, this gave my hair a little more volume than it would have if I had blow dried it. I don’t plan on having relaxed hair for long though. I am quite glad I can still pull off most of the hairstyles I rocked with natural hair on the relaxed hair. 

Do I regret it? Absolutely not!!! This was an SOS mission which saved me a lot of horrors. I can still be natural again. Lesson learnt, Never Leave your hair care, skin care or even personal care products behind anywhere. Or rather, always have spares at least.

I will be posting a lot of hairstyles I’ll be rocking on my relaxed hair on my Instagram page HERE so make sure to follow me.


9 thoughts on “Story Time: I’m No Longer Natural! 

  1. Go you! You can have healthy relaxed hair and healthy natural hair. I am pro choice and as long as you love your chocolate self for who you are and you celebrate yourself… I say well done. You would be just as beautiful natural or relaxed.

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      1. I know right! It actually saddens we as we are such a divided community already for a multitude of reasons. We seem to be separating ourselves even more. It is about time we encourage and support each other rather than just hating on someones appearance/choices the first opportunity we get. #Progress


  2. I just chopped my hair off due to hair line loss from too much braiding. I would really like to grow my hair long since I’ve never done it before cos I get to be impatient with it. Pls advise me on how do I go about doing this successfully 😢


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