Story Time: I Lost My Hairline!!!

Hey everybody, been a loooong while! I’m back and I’m going to start off by telling you a story that I’ve been itching to tell. 

So three months back I had some lady plait my hair. I was really tired you see, so I jumped on the free offer. My hair was really full, healthy and to say the least, a lot of people wanted to put their hands in my hair. I’d done a mini-trim, the first in over a year and decided I put my hair in a protective style. 

I went ahead and got myself 4packs of the good ol’ yaki braids 80cents each😂. I really didn’t want to do the most on a free hairdo. Lady came over and did some bomb short box braids and I loved them. I saw myself in large buns and what nots, y’all I was flying. First night I was in pain!!! I laterally overdosed on painkillers and still it didn’t help. I couldn’t tie the braids, or put them in a net. I couldn’t lay down, I had a major headache and could feel the blood rush through my veins under my scalp. I legit thought I was about to go crazy.

Five days later I could finally smile with no pain, then the buns came into life. I basically wore my braids in a bun all the time. I had thought my hair was less tightly pulled but I had played myself. I noticed when I tied a bun, my forehead was super tight and shiny. The skin around my forehead was slightly raised.  In short, it was hell!!! At the end of it all, I had two hairstyles. A bun and ponytail. My braids lasted only 3weeks.

When I took my braids down it wasn’t a matter of me no longer liking them but fearing for my scalp and hairline. I moisturized my scalp once every 3days, locked in the moisture with coconut oil and did everything in my power to limit breakage but lo! My hair failed me anyway. If I’d kept the braids in another week, I would have no sign of a hairline ever being present. During my way to freedom (the take down process) the braids came out with my hair!!! I lost about a third of my hair but I’m glad I’m slowly growing it back. Want to know how I’m doing it check out my post Why Your Hairline Is Receding for tips. 

Lesson learnt, stick to what you always do, be content with what you have. If I’d just waited a little longer till I was well rested, I could’ve have done my own braids as always and save my hairline and scalp. What are your hair horror stories? Drop them in the comments. 

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Xoxo Maxine


3 thoughts on “Story Time: I Lost My Hairline!!!

  1. Oh I remember when I got carpet lines after a retouch…baaad idea. Then I got Microbraids after…still bad idea… then I had cheap cornrows after I recovered…baaad baad idea… the hair needs to rejuvenate and grow back. I used aloe vera before…but now there is Feso in the mix of things and its like over the counter medication for your scalp. I also am very particular about when I get my hair washed or combed… i STRESS so much I am a hair washers and blow driers worst nightmare if they bring their B Game. All the best with regrowth…just learn from my mistakes…keep extensions lightweight and no buns daily ndapota

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