One Choker, Three Looks

So yesterday I decided to go out of my comfortzone and got myself a choker collar. I wanted to get two but the other one I wanted had soldout. Hear me out, I came across a local beauty store on Instagram that had really awesome jewellery for very affordable prices. I bought mine for only $1.50. If you know me very well you know I love to save money yet buying quality items. The choker is very light weight so, I went for it!! 

Look 1

With this look I decided to wear my hair up into a high bun, a plain black vest top and a dark maroon lip. I wanted my look to be simple and bold yet giving all the attention to the choker. Because the choker makes such a stament with its chain design, I made sure everything else was plain.

Look 2

With this one I braided my twists back into two cornrows and wore an orange knit top. I also had a deep orange lip to make sure my colours and textures didn’t overshadow my choker. I decided not to wear earrings for the same reason. Let that choker flourish😉

Look 3

Last but not least, I made a flat twist at the crown of my head from the hairline back and tied into a ponytail. Again I chose a dark maroon lip, ‘plain’ black polo neck knit sweater and a black ring. 

Here are little secrets when it comes to chokers:

  1. Keep your hair off your face and neck. You really want that choker to show and not get your hair tangled up around it.
  2. Be simple. Choose pieces that won’t overpower the choker. If you have a statement choker like mine, plain colours and delicate textures are the way to go. All looks were accompanied by a pair of black denim pants. 
  3. Tone down that makeup! Go for a more natural look with a bold lip. Drop the eyeshadows if you can. If not, go for nude shades instead.

And that’s it guys, a mini look book based on my new choker collar. Will be showing more chokers on my Instagram as they are back in stock. For store details also check my Instagram, I will be tagging the store. Which one was your favourite??

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