My Posts Got Deleted!!!

Can we just take a moment to help me grieve!😒

So this year I’d planned to blog more, put content out there and hopefully grow my blog. I basically had everything planned out. Spent time on research and buying extra stuff to make sure I have a good headstart but then! My post drafts got deleted you guys!!!

I know it might seem like I’m overreacting but just before I could back them up elsewhere, I lost them. Not to mention I was under a lot of pressure to put them out here because I haven’t been constant in the last few months. Since I prefer blogging from my phone, I had issues with my app. It wouldn’t upload media, notifications were coming in too late and I just couldn’t have it anymore. I decided to upgrade it and that was my downfall.

I tried updating via Google Play Store and nothing happened basically. Sooo, I decided to download an apk then install. Here’s the part that I forgot to think about. I had to back up my local drafts first before installing the new apk if I had no internet connection. Because of that, 5 of my posts are gone! I’d worked really hard creating the content, taking pictures, researching and all to perfect those posts only to lose them.

“You can always rewrite the posts Maxine!

Well of cause I can, but I can’t reproduce the exact same content I’d put out😣 It was hard work and sweat right there, my creativity levels were on steroids then. I spent the whole night up trying to accept this fact and reproduce some of the posts again but hey, hopefully the new ones will be better.

Anyway, I won’t be deterred. I saw some things I’d missed, mistakes made and learnt a couple of lessons from those deleted post. At least I still have the pictures and will make sure I bring the best out of them.

“Whenever you have taken up work in hand, you must see it to the finish. That is the ultimate secret of success. Never, never, never give up!” Dada Vaswani

So when you come across something that might drag your progress, always remember the above quote.

xx Maxine


8 thoughts on “My Posts Got Deleted!!!

  1. Oh goshhh!😯😦 Girl I feel you!
    It is very frustrating to lose all the hard work. It happend to me but with my pictures on my phone. I had some awesome pictures But I deleted something that automatically deleted all my latest pics. Girl let me tell you.. I cried! Yes dear ! As a blogger it is hard work and when you loose some good pictures it hurts…
    Lol! They may say it’s not the end of the world but it is … in certain way… because it means that you have to start all over again… and some shots you may not be able to get them back…
    But girl don’t worry it will be okay! You wi’ll see!πŸ˜™

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      1. Awhhh Yess girl! It’s a pleasure! We both motivate together because I’ve got motivated by you too! After all you didn’t give up! πŸ˜€ Because Girl as you may now give up is not a option !
        Big hug!πŸ˜™


  2. Hey! It happened to me once before. There is a pronlem with the wordpress app. I’d suggest do all your posts from a laptop and only use the app to respond to comments, check stats etc. I’ve never had a problem since I started using my laptop for all posts.


  3. My posts got deleted too two days ago after I updated my WordPress app!. I was too shocked and in denial to even be sad. Loll. Then the sadness set in later with a bang!. Haha.
    But like you know, there’s no giving up.
    No worries though, I’m sure you’ll be able to recreate them.


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