Shower Gels Worth The Hype?

“People who use liquid bath soaps think they’ve made it in life”

So the above quote are words of a mutual friend on facebook, who seems irritated every time we talk about shower gels, loofahs, and bath cremes. Then I asked her, “Have you used them before?”, “Do you know why people hype them?”, “Do you know the pros of using them over bar soaps?”. All her answers were no. So this post is for her and people like her. Well for everyone really, let’s get into this.

Firstly I’d love to say I’m a huge fan of liquid soaps (especially shower gels) and totally dislike bar soaps for many reasons. To make this post easier, I will compare shower gels vs bar soaps.

Shower Gels VS Bar Soaps

  • Shower gels lather more therefore less is more. A little goes a long way
  • Because gels come in bottles that allow them to be pumped or squeezed out instead of direct contact like bars, there is no cross-infections of diseases and germs between sharing individuals.
  • Gels are more gentle on the skin yet thoroughly cleanse than bars. They do not strip the skin off its oils and moisture which make them suitable for all skin types.
  • Gels can be pricey than bar soaps, but depending on brand, size, people sharing and the way they are stored after opening.
  • You have to use a loofah or sponge for gels to be more effective. With bar soaps, anything goes. However, these loofahs provide mild exfoliation for the skin and improve blood circulation.
  • Gels are easier to store than bars because they already come in containers that protect them from water, germs and breaking. Bars however are exposed and tend to melt away limiting their duration of use, break and increase chances of cross infections.
  • Both come in different scents and ingredient varieties so there is a lot to choose from.
  • Gels are more modern and look fancy, bar soaps are just, oh well, bars.

There you have it, a quick comparison of shower gels (pretty much liquid bath soaps) and bar soaps. From the looks of things, shower gels are by far better to use than bar soaps, choose your pick. Maybe we can say, “Those who use liquid bath soaps have made it in life after all”. Just kidding, we all have our preferences and I won’t judge. But I do dare you to give shower gels a try and see what you are missing. Below are inserts of my favourites, let me know in the comments which ones are yours and what you think about Shower Gels VS Bar Soaps.

xx Maxine


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